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Most of us have taken years of arithmetic and algebra classes yet we were not very successful and we remember very little. If you always wished you could learn algebra, here is a fun method using simple tiles and a written curriculum co-written by the teacher. All lessons are taught by arranging tiles; no memorization is required. The goal is to give the class the tools to understand all of the symbols and obscure processes that have long been forgotten. The curriculum has been used successfully from Kindergarten through college-level. Class members will need to purchase an inexpensive set of algebra tiles. General Public/Members: $88/$82   Eight Sessions

Your Teacher: Steven Kant is a former math teacher at the secondary and college level, the retired co-owner of a software development company, and the parent of grown children who love mathematics. He is a long-time volunteer in the public schools where he teaches visual algebra from Kindergarten on up and leads math games and geometric building activities.


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    April 13, 1:00 pm
    June 1, 3:00 pm
    82 – 88
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    Senior Services for South Sound Activities