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Exploration and trade transformed the world during the early Modern Era, creating a wide web of economic and aesthetic exchange. Like its predecessor, the ancient Silk Road that traversed Eurasia, this new global “Silk Road” also joined cultures once divided by large distances.  Rather than a vast landmass, explorers and merchants now braved the oceans of the world in search of products and profit.  Maritime trade networks established in the Era of Exploration created a new form of globalism – one that gave birth to capitalism, introduced new commodities, transformed diets, and, at the same time, set the trajectory for colonialism and its adverse consequences.

We’ll explore the history of globalization and the art of this period, focusing on several power centers and the far-flung regions under their control: Venice, Portugal, Spain, Amsterdam, London, India, Southeast Asia, Japan, China, and Latin America during the 15th to 19th centuries. Much of the art created during this period of discovery illustrates the interaction of cultures and the creation of new traditions. General Public/Members: $72/$60   Six Sessions

Your Teacher: Jane Stone retired from teaching art history and studio art at South Puget Sound Community College. A graduate of Reed College and the University of Iowa, she earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in Studio Art, Art Education, and Art History. She now spends time in her ceramics studio, teaching at the Senior Center, and tutoring English language learners.

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    October 5, 10:00 am
    November 9, 11:30 am
    60 – 72
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    Olympia Senior Center
    222 Columbia St. NW
    Olympia, WA 98501 United States
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    Senior Services for South Sound Activities