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Since 1990, Tom Rainey has taken TESC students and faculty to Kazan, Russia  and the Volga River to do ecological fieldwork. Kazan State University sponsored these trips.  In Moscow, in 1990, the Russian Environmental Protection Agency briefed the Evergreen group on the ecological problems in Russia and Siberia.  The Deputy Director concluded a presentation about these problems with blunt remarks about the importance of Siberian natural resources for the future of Russia.  “Without Siberia,” he noted, “Russia has no future.”  This was true in 1990 as it is today.  This course will explore the Russian conquest of Siberia, the indigenous peoples of Siberia before and after the Russian conquest, the Siberian exile and Gulag system, environmental consequences of forest and mineral resource extraction, the rise of Russian and Siberian environmental movements, Russian-Chinese conflicts along the Siberian border, the current alliance between Russia, and Vladimir Putin’s ambitious plans to revive and expand a Russian-controlled Eurasian empire, stretching from its border with Poland (including the Ukraine) to the Kamchatka Peninsula.  General Public/Members: $88/$82   Eight Sessions

Your Teacher: Dr. Tom Rainey received his Ph.D. in History and Russian Studies from the University of Illinois in 1966.  Since then he has taught Russian and Eurasian studies at the University of Arkansas, Duke University, State University of New York at Buffalo, and since 1972 at The Evergreen State College. He is now Professor Emeritus from that institution, having recently retired from teaching there.  He founded and taught for over 40 years in the Russia Program at TESC.  He has published a monograph and numerous articles on Russian and Siberian environmental history.  Tom remains a slave of Clio — the Muse of History.

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    January 13, 1:00 pm
    March 3, 3:30 pm
    82 – 88
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