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Irina Gendelman and Jeff Birkenstein (both Saint Martin’s University professors) will present their new, co-edited collection of essays on travel with students, Classroom on the Road: Designing, Teaching, and Theorizing Out-of-the-Box Faculty-Led Student Travel (Rowman & Littlefield). They will share their own out-of-the-box approach to study abroad trips, focusing on sustainability, food, and the pleasures of being lost. They will also ponder how the global pandemic might affect future travel.  The talk will be spiced up with a cooking demonstration.

Classroom on the Road: Designing, Teaching, and Theorizing Out-of-the-Box Faculty-Led Student Travel explores real-world, out-of-the-box examples of faculty-led student travel that challenge the dominant paradigms of conventional tourism. Contributors share teaching methods that can be adapted for a variety of university travel scenarios and encourage students to be responsible and thoughtful members of the global community who seek out valuable experiences in other cultures to go beyond the standard consumption of touristy clichés. Furthermore, this book contributes to existing discourse about travel by going beyond being “just” a tourist to become a person who impacts—and is impacted by—other cultures and the commensurate politics of place. Contributors discuss issues of cultural imperialism, economic disparity, and responsible travel that can help protect unique destinations from the homogenizing effects of global capitalism, encouraging respectful and responsible travel.

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    February 17
    10:00 am - 11:30 am
    Free and Open to the Public
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    Senior Services for South Sound Activities