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In this six week course we will investigate six fundamental questions. 1) Why doesn’t the U.S. government work?  From the beginning the Constitution designed a federal republic that couldn’t be too effective. 2) Who controls America?  There’s a continuing argument between those believing a self-interested Ruling Class runs our lives, and those who think that we have a messy Pluralist democracy.  3) Is American politics racist?  How has race come to dominate our political parties and elections?  4) Why don’t Americans participate in politics?  How has low voter turnout changed our politics; are the political parties to blame and is this changing? 5) Can America be both a republic and an empire?  Can the world’s most powerful democracy have an active foreign policy?  6) How do we change this mess?  Whether it’s climate or civil liberties, gender, age or racial discrimination, how can people pressure their government to reform? General Public/Members: $68/$62   Six Sessions

Your Teacher: Gary Wasserman has fashioned a career in teaching, political consulting and writing.  As a professor of Government at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, Doha, Qatar, he taught American government, international relations, lobbies and interest groups, and media politics.  Before this he was a Professor at The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies teaching graduate students in Nanjing, China. Gary received his Ph.D. with Distinction at Columbia University, where he taught.  A Fulbright Scholar, he studied at St. Antony’s College, Oxford University, Nairobi University, and Georgetown University.  Cambridge University Press published his thesis, Politics of Decolonization.  Despite all the above, Gary lives in San Francisco and spends as much time as possible with his wife, a son and daughter, their families and dogs.

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    January 15, 10:00 am
    February 19, 11:30 am
    62 – 68
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    Senior Services for South Sound Activities