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Outback Kangaroo Farm

From 08.29.2018 8:00 am until 08.29.2018 9:30 pm
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Outback Kangaroo Farm
Wednesday, August 29th

Kangaroos? You bet! And wallabies, wallaroos, lemurs, alpacas, emus and more! Join us as we travel to Arlington’s Outback Kangaroo Farm. We will take the kangaroo and exotic animal tour where you will have the opportunity for a close up look at a variety of animals.You will also visit family run Mystic Mountain Farm. The Snows’ have spent the past 25+ years refurbishing the Bed & Breakfast, and they too have several animals on their farm to show you, as well as an antique store and gift shop you will be able to browse. Lastly, dinner at Rhodes River Ranch Restaurant. We will be there on bingo night, and may even be treated to views of horse riding and training as we dine.

NOTE: As the Kangaroo Farm is a working farm with dirt ground and geese/duck “hazards,” please wear shoes appropriate for walking on a farm. Although walkers can be accommodated, this trip includes standing and walking on dirt paths and uneven terrain.


$109 Members; $114 General Public

Includes transportation, admission, snack tours, and dinner.

Bus leaves Olympia at 8:00 am; Lacey at 8:30 am

Approximate return 9:30 pm. Activity Level: Difficult

Olympia Senior Center
222 Columbia Street NW
Olympia, Washington 98501
Hours: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Lacey Senior Center
6757 Pacific Avenue SE
Lacey, Washington 98503
Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Mason County Office
By Appointment Only


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